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Parisians Enjoy the Art of Bread at the Maison Kayser

To many visiting Paris, a trip to France is the perfect occasion to taste those famous French baguettes. However, with a boulangerie — the French word for bakery — on every corner, it may seem like an intimidating task to choose one place to try this treat.

In this case, visitors can turn to a baker in Paris who is known for the quality of his breads, from baguettes to sourdough to brioche. At the Maison Kayser, baker Éric Kayser does the work of an artisan to bring Parisians the finest products, which they can purchase in a number of Maison Kayser shops sprinkled throughout the city.

Éric Kayser has descended from a long line of talented bakers. Beginning with his great-grandfather, who baked in the French region of Lorraine, the Kayser family developed a high level of expertise in this culinary field. Éric showed promise as a baker at a very young age, joining the organization Les Compagnons du Tour de France at the tender age of 19. This organization allowed him to travel all around the country as a baker's apprentice in order to hone his skills.

Nine years later, in 1994, he invented a piece of equipment called the 'fermentolevain,' which enabled bakers to create and use a liquid sourdough mixture that could be prepared more quickly than traditional sourdough. This innovative spirit drove Kayser to open his own boulangerie in 1996 and a subsequent organic boulangerie in 1998, both on the Rue Monge in the 5th arrondissement of Paris. By 2011, the Maison Kayser had grown encompass 80 bakeries around the world, with 18 of these locations being situated in the City of Light.

Despite the large size of the company, each Maison Kayser location creates its own variety of artisanal breads on site every day. And Éric Kayser continues to earn awards and recognition for the quality and inventiveness of his baked goods.

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