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Luxurious Dining at the Highly Esteemed Tour d'Argent

Paris has one of the best restaurant scenes of any city in the world. Thanks to a combination of French culinary tradition and an ability to adapt to modern times, some restaurants in Paris have carved out behemoth reputations for themselves that have lasted for decades — or even centuries.

One such restaurant is called La Tour d'Argent, and it is located at 15 Quai de la Tournelle, right beside the Seine in the 5th arrondissement. Amazingly, the history of this Michelin-starred establishment began at the end of the Middle Ages when Henri III ordered an inn to be constructed on the banks of the Seine. This inn was named 'The Hostel of the Silver Tower' — 'L'Hostellerie de La Tour d’Argent.'

From that moment on, the Tour d'Argent had secured its place in French history. In fact, forks became regularly used at mealtimes in France for the first time at the Tour d'Argent, at the insistence of Henri III. Throughout the centuries, La Tour d'Argent welcomed the highest royalty for meals.

In 1936, the restaurant moved from the ground floor to the sixth floor of its building, enabling diners to enjoy an impressive view of the city. Now, the establishment is focusing on getting in touch with the modern pulse of today's culinary scene. However, its illustrious link to history will always be there.

Modern culinary ideas are now being integrated into the menu with the help of a chef named Laurent Delarbre. For example, diners can expect dishes like caviar served with a creamy zucchini and fennel sauce or veal with truffles.

For those who wish to splurge on an extremely fancy night out, the Tour d'Argent will take them on a journey into the lap of luxury. Potential diners should keep in mind that reservations are a must.

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