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L'Oiseau Sans Tete: Hearty French Cuisine in a Cozy Atmosphere

The restaurant L'Oiseau Sans Tete โ€” French for 'The Bird Without a Head' โ€” is turning heads in the 10th arrondissement thanks to its traditional charm and delicious cuisine. The 'oiseau sans tete' is also the name of a famous Belgian stuffed-beef dish, giving potential diners an idea of the kind of cuisine they can expect from this eatery.

The owner of L'Oiseau Sans Tete, Yannick Aubree, has ensured that the restaurant has plenty to offer lovers of meaty French dishes. As a result, crispy beef, veal and steak are all prominently featured on the menu as main courses. Starters include fois gras served with gingerbread and onion compote, deviled egg and salmon rillettes.

The emphasis here is on high-quality ingredients which are handled and prepared with the utmost respect for the final result. Succulent and tender meat is the specialty of this establishment, but visitors can also finish their meals with a light mousse or tarte tatin โ€” the classic French upside-down fruit tart.

The warm and hearty menu perfectly suits the welcoming environment of L'Oiseau Sans Tete. The unique interior design is characterized by a vintage color scheme of red, cream and black. Plus, guests are invited to read menus off of traditional French blackboards that are found against the walls. The atmosphere is topped of by laid-back and friendly service, making the restaurant ideal for couples, friends and family alike.

A visit to L'Oiseau Sans Tete also provides guests staying at the Hotel Elysees Union with the chance to discover the 10th arrondissement, the perfect place for a post-meal stroll.

L'Oiseau Sans Tete
3 rue Beaurepaire, 75010
+33 (0)1 42 45 11 70
Open every day except Sunday from noon to 2 p.m. and from 7:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m.

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