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Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Paris

There are many reasons one might stop eating meat and become vegetarian. Some people adopt this lifestyle for ethical, religious or maybe ecological reasons, others, on the other hand, choose it for health concerns. Well, no matter what the reasons are, the common problem that almost all vegetarians face is, finding a good restaurant that meets their needs. To make it easy for you to savor and to enjoy the most delightful food in the city of Paris, here is a pick of the best vegetarian restaurants, where you can taste healthy delicious vegan recipes:

These are the Best Gluten-Free Restaurants in Paris

For people who suffer from gluten-related disorders, having a strict gluten-free diet is a must. In fact, eating wheat, barley, rye or any of the species and hybrids of these cereals, which actually contain large amounts of gluten, may be extremely toxic. Nowadays, finding shops that provide gluten-free products has become easier compared to a few years ago. However, finding restaurants that offer gluten-free friendly menus, while on vacation overseas, may be challenging, especially in a large city that holds thousands of restaurants, like Paris. Surprisingly, Paris, the city of baguettes and wine is, indeed, home to a considerable number of places where you can have tasty gluten-free food and beer, and here are some of the closest to our Hotel Elysées Union Paris:

Fête de la Gastronomie 2016

From 23 to 25 September 2016, France celebrates the 6th edition of the popular event La Fête de la Gastronomie. Discover the French world of gastronomy in 3 days!

Jean-Paul Hévin: Chocolate Heaven on Earth

Jane Seabrook, the author of Furry Logic Laugh at Life once said 'If there's no chocolate in Heaven, I'm not going.' Wise man! Well, it seems that you don’t have to be a woman to be a fond of chocolate. Umm… the truth is, even men can be chocoholics. However, while some may limit themselves to the art of eating it, others may go beyond that to learn the art of making it like Jean-Paul Hévin, the famous French manufacturer of high-end chocolate.

Best Wine Bars Near Hotel Elysées Union Paris

Staying at Hotel Elysees Union Paris and looking for excellent wine and the ideal place where you can enjoy your time with your friends or your beloved one? Take pleasure in visiting one of these two attractive wine bars near our hotels:

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